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Sign Aquarius Personality

The Sign Aquarius

Aquarius (21 / 01 a 18 / 02)


Born between: 21 19 January to February.
Element: Air
Station: Winter.
Character: Very sociable.
Pros: They are very altruistic, love to help others.
Against: Unpredictable and stubborn.
Day of WeekSaturday.
Color: Turquoise.
Planet: Uranus
Sign: The Waterboy
Perfumes: Fern and Lavender
Precious stones and metalsAluminum, Amethyst and Aquamarine

Description Aquarius

Aquariums have a strong and attractive. There are two types of aquariums: one shy, sensitive, and patient. The other type of Aquarius is lush, alive and may even hide the depths of his personality under a frivolous air. Both types of Aquarius have a strength of conviction and truth are so strong and honest they know change their views if there are tests that show the opposite of what you thought before.
Aquariums are able to see both sides of an argument so they are one of the Signs more tolerant and open-minded of all the zodiac. They are open to the truth and willing to learn from everyone.
Un Aquarius is human, sincere, refined and idealistic. They know perseverance and express reason, moderation and sometimes, humor. Almost all aquariums are intelligent, clear and logical. Many are imaginative and psychic. Sometimes feel lanecesidad to withdraw from the world to meditate or think. They refuse to follow the crowd.

Despite the outgoing personality of aquariums and their desire to help humanity, not usually make friends easily. Not easily surrender their souls. But once they decide it's worth loving someone, become a friend or lover willing to sacrifice everything for their partners and be faithful for life. However, sometimes they live the emotional disappointment because their personal ideals lead them to demand more from your partner of what is reasonable. If he deceives a Aquarius, His anger is terrible.

Aquarius and Work

Un Aquarius achieves its best results worked in groups WorkAs long as the leader. A Aquarius has a sense of unity with nature and a desire for knowledge and the knowledge that you can take to be a great scientist, astronomer or historian. It also has facility to work in any technical field. Aquariums are usually good writers, teachers and social workers or psychologists. They are also good musicians.

Aquarius and relationships

The problem of aquariums in their personal relationships occurs when candles tend to replicate or fleeing a problem. They feel a great concern for the good of humanity and do not include positions contrary to both pursue causes. Despite having some secrets, aquariums not understand a lack of integrity or broken promises. They are part of a downside to feel resentful at the betrayal or demonstrate a silence which may suddenly burst into a great anger. However it is one of the Signs Zodiac more receptive to hearing other truths and learn from others.

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