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Thursday, Apr 24th

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April Horoscope 2014

Monthly Horoscope April 2014
Aries Horoscope April 2014

Aries - April forecast 2014 The opposition of Mars, your ruling planet, regarding your sign in you will help to raise a wind of inner rebellion against anything that might stop your effort, your will and your progress. Your susceptibility ... Read more ...
Taurus Horoscope April 2014

Taurus - April forecast 2014 The influences of Venus sextile to your sign, and also receiving a sextile Pluto, this month will bring a wind of passion in your love life that will give impetus to research approaches ... Read more ...
Horoscope Geminis April 2014

Gemini - Forecast April 2014 The trine Mars in your sign, associated with the Sun sextile, will lead to a more free expression in all fields. Mercury, your ruling planet, will be in sextile from April 8 and inspire you ... Read more ...
Cancer Horoscope April 2014

Cancer - Forecasts April 2014 Inflows Mercury trine your sign until April 8 bring you a current fortune in the financial and emotional level that will facilitate not little. Next, Mercury undertakes ... Read more ...
Leo Horoscope April 2014

Leo - Forecasts April 2014 Planetary bodies will encourage you this month to put your wishes according to your family to strengthen the esteem of those you love. You'll have even more opportunities to create links ... Read more ...
Virgo Horoscope April 2014

Virgo - Forecast April 2014 Inflows Jupiter sextile to your sign will allow you to continue your good work towards your personal goals no individual brakes this month. Solar influences, as opposed to your ... Read more ...
Libra Horoscope April 2014

Libra - Forecast April 2014 quinconce Solar influences in your sign will allow you to look back on your social life. Indeed your need for integration will seem less alive to the benefit of a deeper reflection that ... Read more ...
Scorpio Horoscope April 2014

Scorpio - Forecast April 2014 Transiting Mars, your ruling planet, in semi squaring your sign encourages you to conclude situations hereafter shall belong to the past. A new starting point will be your ... Read more ...
Sagittarius Horoscope April 2014

Sagittarius - Forecast April 2014 The transit of Mercury sextile to your sign pushes you to develop your new media sociability into new cultures, pristine land. Your professional life will benefit from it directly. This ... Read more ...
Horóscopo Capricornio Abril 2014

Capricorn - Forecast April 2014 Opposition of Jupiter with your sign, by the conjunction of Pluto and sextile Saturn and the Sun provoke in you this month very positive inspirations. You will see more clearly how you should do ... Read more ...
Aquarius Horoscope April 2014

Aquarius - Forecast April 2014 conjunctions of Mercury and Venus in your sign this month you will bring an influx of luck, facilities are advertised in terms of relationships. New meetings and social relationships will be highly ... Read more ...
Pisces Horoscope April 2014

Pisces - Forecasts April 2014 The combination of your Sun sign puts a positive emphasis on your confidence in yourself. In effect you will feel instantly more poise, especially in the relational level. Some verbal impulsivity goes ... Read more ...
Thursday April 24 2014: Book of the Acts of the Apostles 3,11-26.

As paraltico that had been cured would not let Peter and John, all the people, full of wonder, ran toward them, who were in the portico of Solomon. Seeing this, Peter said to the people ... Read more ...
Last night we presented our new book and so well we had

Last night, taking advantage of such a day designated as World Book Day, and although some days that is for sale ago, I presented in our new society and beloved cookbook culinary bookshop in Madrid Point A, which gave us a .. . Read more ...
'[REC] 4: Revelations' trailer for the film that opened Sitges 2014

Zombies have become Spaniards. Here you have the trailer of '[REC] 4: Apocalypse (2014), which we had already seen a teaser presentation for over a year. After Paco Plaza take care of '[REC] 3 ... Read more ...
Show Galtük del Circo Richards Bros in SC

Show Galtuk Richards Bros Circus opens its tour in Ourense in Expourense Galtuk is a circus 21 century with international artists from Italy, France, Portugal, Morocco, Chile, Argentina and Brazil is a show aimed at all ... Read more ...
Burn out for fools thanks to the Ford Mustang Line Lock (video)

Filed under: Ford, Coupes, Sports With the arrival of the new generation of automatic transmissions (DSG, R-Tronic, etc), some brands began to include in their models sporting lines of program that made ... Read more ...